Founded in 1875 by Gustav Eberle


"Gustav Eberle, a saddler was not satisfied with the quality of his leather. He therefore encouraged his eldest son to study chemistry before founding the company nowadays known as Dr. Eberle Clever Chemistry GmbH in 1875"

Dr. Eberle started with the production of beamhouse chemicals in 1875. Already 1924, the production of natural-based fatliquors was established. The product range was continuously extended over the years. Nowadays we offer an impressive spectrum of products for processing leather from the skin to the crust. In 1995, our product spectrum has included textile auxiliaries, notably dyeing aids and foam inhibitors. This second range forms a complete product family today.

With the move of the leather industry towards new developing markets in Asia and the opening of China, Dr. Eberle Clever Chemistry founded, as one of the first, a production site in Beijing, China. In the year 2000 the Chinese subsidiary moved into a newly constructed research and production facility in Tianjin. To offer the best and reliable service and to be close to our customers, technical support centers were installed in Pakistan, India and Turkey.