Purgazym WS

soaking enzyme

Chemical composition

ammonium salt-free blend of special proteolytic enzymes


1.000 LVU +/- 10 %


light brown powder

pH - value (1:10)

4.0 - 6.0


added undissolved

Field of application

In the soaking process for salted and dried hides and skins.



  • accelerates considerably the rehydration of the cured hides
  • removes all water-soluble proteins
  • saves the hide substance
  • improves the dirt and scud removal



      Purgazym WS is added undissolved. After an usual pre-soaking, the float of the main-soaking is prepared with 150 % - 250 % water between 25 °C and 27 °C.

      0.3 % - 0.5 % soda ash (Na2CO3) are needed to raise the pH up to an optimum of 9.0 - 9.5. 

      Soaking time is 2 - 6 hours for salted hides and 10 - 20 hours for dried skins. Drumming at low speed supports the soaking effect and reduces the soaking time.

      Small quantities of a detergent (for example 0.15 % - 0.40 % Neopalin T 106) improve the removal of the natural fat.

      Green hides

      Purgazym WS

      0.2 % - 0.5 %

      Wet salted cattle hides

      Purgazym WS

      0.3 % - 0.8 %

      Dried hides and skins

      Purgazym WS

      1.3 % - 2.3 %


      Purgazym WS is a technical product and variations in colour can happen. The properties for application are not touched by this.

      Storage temperature

      Storage at temperatures between 5 °C and 40 °C.

      Shelf life

      Up to 12 months in the original sealed packing. There is no loss of activity over this period. 


      Storage under dry conditions and protected from sun. Humidity and high temperatures may reduce activity gradually and lead to a higher dosage requirement.

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