Ebosoft S-HG

Ebosoft S-HG

hydrophilic softener

Chemical composition

blend of organo-modified silicones


transparent liquid

pH - value (1:10)

5.0 - 6.0




good solubility in water

Field of application

Ebosoft S-HG is a hydrophilic softener for all types of fibers. It is used for all fabrics made of cotton, viscose, wool and synthetic fibers with the padding or exhaustion process.



  • excellently suited for all absorbent articles (e.g. towels)
  • specifically smooth, very soft and natural handle
  • increases the elastic recovery and stretch properties
  • improves the “wash and wear” effects
  • especially suited for OE yarns
  • creates antistatic effect on synthetic fibers
  • no yellowing



      Ebosoft S-HG can be diluted with water at any ratio and is applied to the article in the foulard process as well as in the exhaustion process. Ebosoft S-HG can be applied via MA process (Triatex) or via spray process (Weko). For application on the jet equipment we recommend a prior cleaning procedure of the machinery due to its high solubilizing power.

      Foulard process:

      Ebosoft S-HG

      10.0 - 30.0 g/l
      depending on the material and the required effect

      Exhaustion process:

      Ebosoft S-HG

      2.0 - 4.0 % (o.w.f.)
      is used in a fresh bath

      Treatment time
      pH - value

      40 - 45 °C
      30 - 40 min


      Ebosoft S-HG is a technical product and variations in colour and viscosity can happen. The properties for application are not touched by this.

      Storage temperature

      Storage at temperatures between 5 °C and 40 °C. Protect from cold. The product may crystallize upon storage at low temperatures.

      Shelf life

      Up to 12 months in the original sealed packing.


      Stir before use. Stirring and heating up to room temperature dissolves the formed crystals.

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