Neopalin NWD

Neopalin NWD

wetting- and washing agent

Chemical composition

blend of fatty alcohol ethoxylates and alkylphosphonates


yellow liquid

pH - value (1:10)

7.0 - 9.0


anionic / non-ionic


highly stable to alkalis, acids and salts


dilute with warm water

Field of application

Scouring, washing, cleaning of fibers of cotton, wool, synthetics and blends. Single-bath washing and dyeing of grey goods with direct-, reactive-, acid- and disperse dyestuffs.



  • very low foaming properties
  • usable in jet machines
  • very good wetting and washing properties
  • high soil suspending properties



      Neopalin NWD is readily soluble in warm water.

      Washing, scouring, cleaning

      Neopalin NWD

      0.50 g/l – 1.00 g/l

      Hydrogen peroxide bleaching

      Neopalin NWD

      0.50 g/l – 1.00 g/l

      Dyeing with acid dyestuff (wool)

      Neopalin NWD

      1.00 g/l - 2.00 g/l

      Dispersing agent for PES

      Neopalin NWD

      0.50 g/l – 1.00 g/l

      Dyeing of cellulose (direct/reactive)

      Neopalin NWD

      0.50 g/l – 1.00 g/l


      Neopalin NWD is a technical product and variations in colour and viscosity can happen. The properties for application are not touched by this.

      Storage temperature

      Storage at temperatures between 5 °C and 40 °C.

      Shelf life

      Up to 12 months in the original sealed packing.


      Stir before use.

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