Ebotan DA 50 FF

Ebotan DA 50 FF

tanning/retanning additive

Chemical composition

blend of a masked polyaldehyde condensation product

Active matter

approx. 50 %


clear yellowish liquid

pH - value (1:10)

3.5 - 5.5




stable to acids and salts under usual tannery conditions


1 : 3 with water of 30 °C - 40 °C

Field of application

It is ideally suitable during tanning and retanning to yield soft and full leather.



  • completely pH stable
  • contains formaldehyde only in traces
  • excellent filling of the loose structure without reducing the resistance of the fibre
  • improves respiration and washing fastness by better chrome exhaustion and gives more thermal stability



      Ebotan DA 50 FF is added in the pretannage before or after pickling. For a perfect penetration and distribution it is added 5 minutes prior to the dyestuff. It can be used alone or blended with syntans in the retanning.

      Percentage is based on shaved weight.


      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      1.0 % - 2.0 %
      of the pelt weight


      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      1.0 % - 2.0 %
      prior or after the chrome


      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      1.0 % - 3.0 % 
      prior to vegetable retanning

      Shrunken tanning

      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      3.0 % - 4.0 %
      to the bated stock

      Low chrome

      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      1.0 % - 2.0 %
      prior to the chrome

      Full vegetable

      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      1.0 % - 3.0 %
      after pickling


      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      2.0 % - 3.0 %

      Dyeing bath

      Ebotan DA 50 FF

      1.5 % - 2.0 %


      Ebotan DA 50 FF is a technical product and variations in colour and viscosity can happen. The properties for application are not touched by this.

      Storage temperature

      Storage at temperatures between 5 °C and 40 °C.

      Shelf life

      Up to 12 months in the original sealed packing.


      Stir before use.

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